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flatpack_furniture.jpgNot everybody finds it simple to build a flatpack sofa and for some of us, setting up a new computer is a voyage into the unknown.

RCT can give you the help and support that you need.

Flat Pack Assembly

Buying flat pack furniture is easy but getting it home and aseembling it... that's a different matter! RCT can make this a simple and painless process.

We will collect your flat pack furniture from the store and deliver it to your home where we will unpack it, assemble it and place it just where you want!

Couldn't be easier!

computer_set_up.jpgComputer Set Up

Buying a new computer, whether it's a desktop or laptop, is only the beginning. After unpacking the box you're faced with setting up your new computer.

You will need to:

  • Connect the mouse, keyboard and monitor (desktop only)
  • Go throught the initial (once only) set up of the computer itself
  • Install the printer
  • Connect your computer to the internet

If you find this daunting then contact RCT to book one of our team who will guide you through the process and ensure that you are up and running in no time!


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